is a new kind of story-driven entertainment for children. This first-of-its-kind digital book series and advertising-free website is calling all young adventurers to read, play, think, imagine and investigate. It’s for kids of all ages, supports early learning, literacy development and it also connects young adventurers to the world of fun available to them in their everyday lives. WHO IS MOLLY MOCCASINS? Molly Moccasins is a bright, imaginative, young and curious character who delights in all that life has to offer—the big things as well as the small. Her uncle once said, “A curious mind is never bored,” and she takes that quite seriously. So, with her magical moccasins guiding her and keeping her safe, she discovers that every day is a new adventure. Go to the STORIES section to read, MOLLY AND HER MOCCASINS and learn how she gets her moccasins and finds her purpose! WHAT IS THE TARGET AGE? The stories, games and activities can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, but the site was created with aspirational vocabulary and logic for 4 to 8 year- olds (with varying skill levels). WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS ON THE SITE? There are options for both the stories and games. The stories play automatically and defaults to read aloud with voiceover, but it can also be read independently or with a caregiver with the audio off. In the games section or at the end of each story in story related games, there is an ACTIVITY PAGE with fun things to do, there are also FUN FACTS. The entire story can be printed as a COLORING BOOK on the go (the text box has purposefully been left blank so children can write their own stories to the illustrations), or one can color the coloring book online in ePAINTING with saving and emailing abilities. There are also two PICTURE PUZZLES, a CONNECT THE NUMBERS and a SPLASH COLORING game related to each story (these games have three levels of difficulty, for playing at a comfortable skill level). For further amusement, we have a free music video about our story, CLOUD ANIMALS and some other free games too: Word of the Day, Word Scramble, Silly Sentences, Dress Up, and Molly Matching. Our eCards are great fun too and one can send as many as they wish, whenever they wish to. HOW OFTEN SHOULD WE VISIT THE SITE? We you’ll visit every day! There is always the Word of the Day to experience as well as stories, games and activities galore. We’re adding new stories, games and features frequently too. HOW IS MOLLYMOCCASINS.COM DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CHILDREN’S SITES? is only the first-of-its-kind all digital story, game and activity series for children, but it is also a safe and unified play space for blossoming imaginations and young adventurers. Above and beyond the cyber experience of the stories, games and activities, the offline experience is greatly encouraged. We hope our young adventurers will have many of their own every day adventures in their everyday lives with ideas from the stories and story activity pages. We are also dedicated to helping children become and remain inspired and literate around the globe. So, no matter where you buy Molly Moccasins stories and for whatever digital device you choose, a story will be given to a child in need—story for story. There is nothing quite like, and that is what makes us different. IS IT A SAFE SITE FOR CHILDREN? There is absolutely NO ADVERTISING and no privacy sharing whatsoever on our site. As the creators and parents of young children, it was very important to us to keep the site free outside chaos. The only links to other sites are product related (i.e. Apple’s iBookstore or Amazon) and social media connections. The Internet does however offer a world of opportunity for children. Your guidance and involvement are essential to help ensure that children have a safe and rewarding online experience. We encourage you to visit the site and look through the "Kids Safety" section together. Your efforts to instill responsible information practices will help steer your children to age-appropriate sites and will go a long way toward ensuring that your children have enriching experiences online. CAN CHILDREN PLAY BY THEMSELVES OR DO THEY REQUIRE SUPERVISION AND DIRECTION? was created to engage, entertain and inspire. It is always advisable for a parent, caregiver or educator to preview a site’s contents and functionality, but we believe you will find it a fun, easy and safe web experience. Once our young adventurers grasp the simple functionality, they can navigate independently. Children have the freedom to engage the site in any way they wish, whenever they wish and allow their own interests and curiosity to lead their adventures. WHAT IF I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT HOW SOMETHING WORKS? Please view our short animated video on the about page for a quick overview of the site. We also did our best to create a simple and intuitive site employing child-friendly navigation. There are short descriptions of each story and game as “roll over” elements in the respective sections. Another easy navigational tool is the circle “M” icon on the top left of the site. If clicked, it will always bring you back to the homepage. THE SITE ISN’T WORKING PROPERLY … WHAT CAN I DO? We have done our best, and continue to update our site so it can be the most advanced yet user-friendly experience for our young adventurers. However, with all technology and the internet, everything works a little differently, so here are a few tricks to be sure you are experiencing the site at its best:

• Be sure your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) is updated.
• Refresh your page.
• Quit your browser, reload and try again.
• Restart your computer or device.

If a problem persists, please contact us and let us know what you are experiencing (including information about what device you are having problems with and which browser you are using). We will look into the issue as immediately as possible!
HOW DO I SHARE MOLLY WITH FRIENDS? Molly sharing and there are many ways to share the world of Molly Mocassins with friends. Follow us, like us, link to us or send an eCard or All Access web gift to your friends and family. Friends around the world are doing it in more than 146 countries (that is nearly three quarters of the world sharing Molly Moccasins -- yahoo!). WHAT IS STORY FOR STORY? The creators of Molly Moccasins care deeply about young adventurers around the globe and are dedicated to helping children become and remain inspired and literate. No matter where you buy Molly Moccasins stories and for whatever digital device you choose, a story will be given to a child in need—story for story. COMING SOON? The creators of some great plans for new stories, games, apps, music, features and eco-friendly Molly merchandise! Stay tuned. ANYTHING ELSE? Molly loves asking questions and we love answering them. So, if you have a question that is not answered above, or even a comment about the site, please go to CONTACT US and we’ll get back to you as soon as we return from our everyday adventures!